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KKM Precision Barrel Review | KKM Threaded Barrel Review

KKM Precision Barrel Review | KKM Threaded Barrel Review


KKM Precision Threaded Barrel For Glock 17

Company: KKM Precision
Product: G17 Match Grade Stainless KKM Precision Barrel – Both standard and threaded options.
Starting Price: $165

About KKM Precision Barrels

Below is are the details as laid out on the KKM Precision website.

As part of a four stage manufacturing process, all KKM barrels are machined in our 5,000sq.ft shop using the most state of the art multi axis CNC equipment. KKM barrels are made using U.S. manufactured 416 Stainless steel bar stock which is then heat treated and vacuum tempered to 42 to 45 RC. We offer both drop-in and gunsmith fit barrels. All KKM barrels have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Over the years KKM has built a solid reputation in the shooting industry for producing high quality match grade target pistol barrels. This reputation has been built on our ability to produce one of the most accurate aftermarket barrels available today and our secret is our unique Button Rifling process. Button rifling is a process in which a Titanium Nitride coated carbide button is pulled under pressure displacing metal and producing a rifled bore. Our process produces a uniform mirror like finish down the entire length of the barrel. Unlike Broach, ECM, or Hammer forging, Button rifling produces a more accurate bore diameter, surface finish, surface hardness as well as a more uniform rate of twist. A single Button can produce thousands of barrels before wearing undersized. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality control. All of our Buttons are produced in house using highly specialized equipment. Being able to experiment with different bore configurations and twist rates allows us to maintain an edge in competitive shooting sports.

KKM Precision Barrels Review

As always, I did a ton of research before purchasing a match grade or threaded barrel for my Glock 17. When it comes to firearms investments, I always lean towards what I find to be the best valued product on the market at the time of purchase. I purchased my first KKM Precision custom barrel for my Glock 17 a few years back. I was so impressed with its quality that I ended up purchasing a second one – a KKM Precision threaded barrel for my Glock 17.

KKM Precision Barrel Quality & Appearance

The KKM Precision barrels look outstanding. Their design and quality are near perfection, and they add a little bling to your pistol, especially if you’re putting it on an all-black pistol like Glock. It really adds to the character and personalization of your firearm. You’ll notice upon inspection, that the rifling and machine work live up to the company’s motto of precision, even down to the small details.

The 1/2 x 28 threading on the KKM Precision barrel is smoother than I expected. When removing the thread protector, you will not notice any gritty feeling whatsoever. It almost feels like there is lube on the threads, but it really is just the fact that they are made with such precision. There is no lose feeling, and no hard spots or tough areas that you find in most screw-type accessories.

KKM Precision Barrels Fitting

A big benefit to purchasing a KKM Precision barrel, whether it is a standard barrel or their threaded barrel, is that they are all drop-in. There is no fitting or gunsmithing required like you’ll find with some other match grade barrels, like Bar-Sto. Installing the KKM Precision barrels is no different than reassembling your factory barrel after cleaning your firearm.

For the threaded barrel, the only difference is that you’ll need to unscrew the thread protector cap in order to assemble the barrel. Then simply screw the thread protector back on.

Shooting With The KKM Precision Barrels

The precision does not stop with the design or machining process, it carries right on over to the most important part… the shooting. The barrel is as consistent as you can get, especially considering it is a drop-in barrel.

Cleaning The KKM Precision Barrel

Another great thing about this barrel is how easy it is to clean. There’ no guess work either, as the carbon easily shows up on the stainless barrel, which allows you to ensure that every spec is removed during the cleaning process.

Pictures: KKM Precision Barrels | KKM Precision Threaded Barrel

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  1. my KKM 40S&W barrel and 9mm conversion barrel for my G27are excellent and customer service is even better. Improved accuracy and looks great. I’d recommend KKM to anyone looking to upgrade in appearance and performance.

  2. I am wondering if you could tell me the overall length of the threaded barrel? It looks a bit shorter than the rest of the market, I like that that. Thanks!

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