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Glock Blue Label Program • Military & Law Enforcement Discounts

Glock Blue Label Program • Military & Law Enforcement Discounts

Glock Blue Label Program

Glock has recently extended their Blue Label Program to local dealers, which offers discounts of up to $100 off of a new Glocks for law enforcement and military personnel.

Glock’s Blue Label Program is a win-win for both the buyer and Glock as the manufacturer. There is no doubting the reliability and popularity of Glock pistols, and this discount is only going to grow their market within an already Glock-populated market. Glock has been a leading pistol for self-defense, and it is regarded as one of the best concealed carry pistols on the market.

How To Get The Glock Discount

The Blue Label Program is only offered at limited local dealers and Glock distributors, so you’ll need to call around and find out where the closest Glock Blue Label dealer is. The Glock Blue Label Program discount pricing varies. I’ve seen prices ranging from $399-$440, which is excellent considering the average Glock is sold for between $495-$515 (depending on the model).

Simply provide your military ID to your local dealer, and they’ll show you their secret stash of Blue Label Glocks (yes, they really do have a secret stash). You’ll notice that the Glock box will have a blue label on it, hence the name of the program.

What’s even better is that the 4th Generation Glocks come with additional back-straps and 3 magazines. With Glock magazines selling for $25 each, the additional magazine in itself is a great deal (Glocks previously came with only 2 magazines). I just purchased a Glock 26 gen 4 using this program, and I imagine it will be used several more times down the road. I’ll do a complete review of the Gen 4 Glocks soon.

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  1. Does the Military discount apply to retired military personnel?

  2. Yes the blue label program extends to retired military.

  3. does the discount apply to armed security guards?

  4. Tom, why would it apply to armed security guards? They aren’t military or law enforcement.

  5. Does the blue program applies to honorable veterans

  6. Tom, yes.

    All sworn Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) State, County, and City
    All Federal Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) FBI, US Marshalls, DEA etc
    All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation officers
    All Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County & City
    State Licensed Security Companies (ie. Loomis Fargo, RAM, Securitas, etc)
    State/City licensed Security Guards – Officers
    Active Military personnel-all branches w/ID
    National Guard personnel-all branches w/ID
    Military Reserve personnel-all branches w/ID
    Legitimately Retired Military with “retired” military ID
    All TSA employees
    Licensed Para-Medics and EMT’s w/ certification
    Fire Fighters (including volunteers) with appropriate FD ID
    Commercial Pilot License Holders & Federal Flight Deck Officers
    Court Judges/District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys

  7. Does the discount apply to retired Department of Correction employees? I have a letter from the Director proof of service. Respectfully, Roy

  8. Roy,

    I honestly do not know. My best guess would be to contact a dealer or gun shop that has the Blue Label Program, and ask them details on retired or former personnel specific to corrections officers.

    I will do some digging, but off the top of my head, I’m not positive of the details.

    Sgt Webb

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